What I Learned this Summer.

I used to view summer as that time of the year when nothing really happens, when time stops ticking, a pause in which I could do nothing all day without hurting anybody.


This summer though was destined to be different.


For one it was the summer before my senior year and I had to study. A lot. July passed with my nose inside a book every day ,for countless hours, studying Ancient Greek until my head hurt.

And then came August that brought with him (Gods finally!) vacation. For the next week I would be by the seaside accompanied with my best friends (and the people we met there.) chilling and having the time of my life.

And man, that’s what I did. It was the best week of my life. I had so much fun, I felt so alive but most importantly I felt unstoppable, young, wild and free, like anything was possible.

It was also eye opening for me. So here’s a list of the things I realized during that week.

  1. You should never hide how you feel. Do you like someone? Just show them. You don’t have to make a move or anything but showing someone that you find him cool or interesting or stuff can go a long way..
  2. You should be proud of who you are, of your beliefs because maybe, just maybe, people will find that passion that’s burning inside you so, so exciting!
  3. Love has so many faces. You can feel (or fall in) love in so many different ways and honestly there’s nothing that can make you feel more alive. So act the moment you get the chance because you may not see him or her ever again.And let me tell you there’s nothing more consuming than something you didn’t do because you were afraid.
  4. Dancing is so much better when you don’t care who’s watching.
  5. You deserve to feel carefree even when everything around you falls apart. (Greek economy)
  6. You should do that crazy thing you always talked about. Rainbow hair here I come!
  7. And lastly something to keep in mind. In the end it doesn’t matter if you get the girl or guy, if you tanned like you just came out from three months in the dessert or if you spent your whole summer binge watching movies or TV Shows. What really matters is you, and what this summer taught you.



Random thought of the Week.

Hey guys! Sorry for not posting in a while now but it’s exams period and I can’t seem to be able to catch a break.. Anyway I have been thinking lately about my life, mostly about college and stuff, as my senior year arrives slowly, and I’m trying  to figure out what to do with my life.

Since becoming a fictional character is out of the question (according to my parents and friends) I really have to find something to do after school that  I will not get tired of in the long run.

Until I realized that so what if I get tired of doing something and decide to take a 360?  Will it honestly be so bad?

I think not. You see the truth is I want to make bad decisions and mistakes and fail a lot so when I finally find something that I genuinely enjoy doing I will know that I chose the right path.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I finally enjoy being myself and losing sleep about the future is a bit.. well.. stupid.

Whatever is about to happen will happen.

Believe in fate.

And live a little.

Let me know if you feel (or have ever felt) the same way.. Lets get anxious over this together!


Hi! I just want to say thank you guys for liking my blog and deciding to follow me. I really do appreciate it. Feel free to comment on my posts anything relevant or irrelevant. I’d love to interact with you as much as possible and get to know you. Each and every one of you give me the power, the encouragement to continue to write about things that I love (yeah.. mostly books…) and to believe in my writing.

So thank you again, it really means a lot,


Five TV shows I loved this year.

With most of my favorite TV wrapping up I figured that it’s a good time as any to write about the ones I loved most this year. It is important to point out that i watch series like I read books, slowly then all at once. I either binge watch or I wait patiently until they are up online so I can see them (I am Greek and I have to wait usually a couple hours) there is no in between. So without further stalling these are my Top Five (even though it could easily be a Top Twenty):

1. Prettly Little Liars.


The fifth season of PLL was by far my favorite. I loved the drama and this season was nothing if not full of action. But my most favorite thing (and the main reason why I love PLL ) were the clues. I often found myself carefully re-watching the episode so I can spot any clues I have missed and carefully creating theories in my mind. I have a pretty solid one (if you ask me) so let me now if you want me to write a post about it. Anyway the only downside was that sometimes the Liars are so ignorant and more often than not I wanted to hit my head in a wall. Thank the Angel (tmi reference here) for Spencer.

2. The Vampire Diaries.


Okay, maybe the sixth season of the show wasn’t it’s best but i waited 4 long months to see what happened to Damon and Bonnie (and lets face it Delena) to give up on the show. But TVD is a show I love watching and I am okay with Nina Dobrev leaving. I think it will add a new perspective to the show something that it definitely needs. Even though my Delena feels in the last episode almost overwhelmed me. Also WHO DANCES LIKE THAT FOR GOODBYE-FOR-NOW?

3. Once Upon A Time.


I really adore the concept of this show. And especially this season, which was by far the best. I always believed there must be more to the fairytales than what I was told as a kid and OUAT has really satisfied this need of mine. Also where can I buy a Charming?

4.The Flash.


Growing up I was always somewhat of a nerdy kid, always reading something and that didn’t leave out comics. I can tell you the basic storylines of most the superheroes of Marvel and DC comics and that why I was so excited about The Flash (and also terrified in case it was a failure like those F4 movies). Thankfully I had nothing to fear, because it is freaking awesome!The most promising TV show I have seen since I first saw OUAT 2 years ago.

5. The Big Bang Theory.


I haven’t been this invested in a sit-com since FRIENDS and I actually like it more than FRIENDS (hows that possible!?). Penny is my Queen and honestly Sheldon never fails to make me laugh.

The Divergent Trilogy.

When I read a book I always see it through two different perspectives, one for the story and one for the writing. Being a committed lover of the fantasy genre I usually read great stories with poor writing or great writing with rather dull stories.It is rather rare as a result to find a book with good writing and a great story.

I was rather surprised to find this in Divergent. Truth is I wasn’t expecting much. I bought Divergent because I didn’t have anything else to read and I had a four hour trip to my hometown ahead of me, by train. I was in desperate need of a book.

6 days later I had finished the entire trilogy.

It was something I couldn’t help. I couldn’t stop reading these books! Being one of those rare cases where I couldn’t predict the story I was desperate to know more about that world that I couldn’t leave the book down.

I loved the story as a concept. I loved the characters and their development. What I don’t love is the end of the book.

But I believe that Ms. Roth wanted her book to have that effect. Divergent is not fairytale, Divergent is a story of a war most people didn’t know that happened and in war there are casualties and death and despair and heartbreak. In war heroes die and victory isn’t always clear and I believe that this is the message Veronica Roth wanted people to receive.

In reality good people don’t always get their happy endings.

Anyway I was furious. The book scarred me for life.

I have learned also that people who are part of the Divergent fandom don’t talk about what’s happening in the books and due to respect to my fellow Fangirls (and Fanboys) I’m not going to talk about it either.

But I tell you this: If you were in front of me I would throw the book in your face and demand you to read it. Because it is a book worth reading. And because I can be bossy af.

How I became a Fangirl.

I came across the term a couple of years ago, around the same time I discovered Tumblr, even though I think I was familiar with it already partly because I was (kind of) already one. I just didn’t know there were others like me.

Growing up I was the only person in my social circle who knew that Harry Potter were actually books and not just (and I’m quoting here) some-shitty-kid’s-movie. I was the only bookworm I knew. Slowly reading books became a passion and before I knew it I had a full bookcase filled with books my friends haven’t heard of and obsessing with people they didn’t know.

It was something I loved though and their endless teasing only made the fire that was in me grow.

The first YA book I read was Twilight and (shamelessly) I found myself falling in love with Edward. But it wasn’t just the guys. I loved the girls in a different way. They all teached me something and I can proudly say that I am the person I am today thanks to them.


I think that even though most people treat fictional characters, well… as fictional, is wrong. Yes maybe The Hunger Games don’t exist (yet) or magic exists just in fairy tales (something that I stubbornly don’t believe) but these people have shaped a lot of peoples lives. I can’t treat them as fictional and maybe you shouldn’t too,  they shaped me to whom I am today and for that I am forever grateful.


Anyway, over the last 9 months i found myself taking this obsession-with-things-that-don’t-exist to a whole new level. The books I read gave me life, I finished one after the other in an almost impossible speed, like a drug addict, always itching till I got a new one. I finished one every two or three days.

I also got hooked up with movies and TV-shows so I can have something to do between books.

Then I opened a Tumblr and slowly I found myself sinking into its fandom depths. Fascinated by the amount of people who are like me I finally feel like I belong somewhere. Even though I am not as extreme as crying for hours over deaths or cancellations of  TV-shows or movies (I am looking at you Frostbite movie, Ravenswood, Eye Candy) or collecting merchandise (even though that’s partly because there aren’t any here in Greece) I am finally content.

Books make me feel alive in a way that my reality cant and even though this (maybe) screams for unresolved psychiatric issues (but come to think of it all Fangirls are somewhat emotionally unstable) I am not concerned (even though my friends and family are) because I know that if this isn’t magic, the I don’t know what is.


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The Lightning Thief.

I (literally) stumbled upon the first novel of Percy Jackson and the Olympians two Christmas ago when I tripped over the packaged book which lay on the floor untouched by my siblings because it obviously was for me.


The story of the books is simple. All the Greek myths ( the myths I grew up with and was teached at 3rd grade) are true, except that the center of the world is now America, therefore the Olympians now live at the Empire State building. Despite the cliche (that everything happens in the States now) and Poseidon’s style choices (which are hilarious) the book is so interesting!


Also I give Mr. Riordan bonus points because I am Greek and it means a lot that he didn’t change the myths in any way (I could spot).


So Percy Jackson is a demigod, something that he learns after being attacked at his latest school, and there are a hell of a lot creatures after him. With the help of Grover (a satyr) and his mum they try to get to Camp Half Blood (a peaceful place for demigods and such creatures.). Unfortunately things go wrong and he ends up fighting the Minotaur (who captures his mother). Anyway, after that fight and upon his entrance to the coolest (and most violent) camp ever Percy, along with Grover and Annabeth have to go clear his name because the Olympians think he stole Zeus lightning.

Dangerous, romantic and funny in an almost comical level, I enjoy (re)reading this book like and any other. There is a certain appeal to the story I can’t really explain. I like reading it partly because it honors my heritage but there is something else too. Maybe it’s just a good book, maybe there’s something more, either way I can’t seem to find the right words so I will stick to rereading it until I find it.

And you will be the first to know.


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